Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 17

Dear Family,

E-Mailing a little bit late today, had some errands to run and what not. Also, P-Day is today for this week because we had interviews with President Wilson yesterday. It feels weird to have P-Day on a day different then a Monday, but it'll do I guess.

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Going to play baseball IN THE RAIN in about 20 minutes, SO EXCITED FOR THAT! IT FINALLY STARTED RAINING! I guess this has been a record in Washington - no rain for 80 something days! Just a few days ago was the first time I saw rain for the whole day in Washington, crazy huh?! Anyways, I'm excited - overcast is my favorite type of weather!

I just want to let you know that I did not send a letter last week, I was writing a letter but then I got called in for some meetings and what not, so I wasn't able to finish it. The rule is that I can only communicate on Preparation Day, so I can't write throughout the week.

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I got the package this past Saturday, thank you momma. I was extremely sick this past Friday. I threw up over TWENTY times! I keep catching small colds here and there, but that medicine and hand sanitizer will help me for sure. I guess I'll have to start actually using the hand sanitizer though...

That's awesome that you, Ciera, and Michelle are going out to eat, I hope you have a fun time! Ciera is a bit stressed because of how busy she is, but I pray for her! She is doing such an amazing job, she is awesome!

I'll be sending a big letter home today because I need to finish up the one from last week, and then the one I am going to write today with the choices of the coats and what not. Thank you for writing me so often, mom. Get the kids, and DAD to do it too! Koda as well! I don't care about Tucker ;)... Haha just kidding, Sierra!

I love you guys so much, keep being an awesome example to me! Keep working hard in school, work, and even at home!

Elder Alexander J Annand

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