Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 25

Woohoo!  Hello everyone!  An amazing week as always!

I'm sorry that Heather has a sore throat.  I hope she is starting to feel better!  How is your ear doing?  Do you remember when I had an ear infection in both ears?  It was INSANELY ANNOYING!  So I can relate.  Luckily, I haven't been feeling sick or anything like that - I may have just jinxed myself.  But, oh well, I'll have to work through it!

I haven't got my Christmas box yet, but I did get the boom box - haha.  My reaction in the video is hilarious...  I'm just like "uhh... what the... Oh, okay, you talked to the mission so it's allowed, great!!"  There is a "Christmas devotional" for the mission so I think my Christmas box is there, but I'm not too sure.  If it isn't, I'll be sure to tell Sister Wilson to talk to you.

President Wilson and Sister Wilson, copied from their WA-EVR mission blog.
 My mission president and his wife are so amazing!  I really hope that you will be able to meet them one day; President and Sister Wilson are actually leaving this next July, so I'm going to have a new mission president then... 

I'll have to tell you the time that we can Skype in next week's email.  Elder Talbot and I are going to talk with the family that is going to have us over to see a time that we would be able to come over.

Yes, I remember Elder Wilhelm!  I hope that he is doing great, along with his companion...

Scotty! Woo hoo!  So great to hear from you buddy brudder.  How are you doing?  That's awesome that you are doing good in school and everything.  Super weird to hear about Riot doing that with League of Legends, is it still fun?  And what?!  You aren't AD carry anymore?  WEIRD!  Good job, little bro, I hope that I hear from you soon, IN A LETTER!

I sent a letter over to Nanny and Papa's about a week or two ago, so I hope they received it.  Ask them if they did.  Tell them that I love them!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for your support - keep working hard.  Tell Dad that I love him and hope everything is going good!


Elder Alexander J Annand

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