Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 33


Elder  Annand and Elder Marsden,  Nov 2012
I apologize for not writing you last week, but we had another awesome week out in Lynnwood!

I had the most powerful lesson so far in my mission with one of our investigators, Maria.  She has quite a bit of a background - growing up without a father, making wrong decisions her whole life, and even being involved in things she shouldn't have been.  She finally decided to share her testimony in her own way, too!  She was saying how grateful she is to have met the missionaries and to receive the discussions and learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Her life is literally changing before my eyes, and the progression she has made since day one is incredible.  THIS is what I live for as a missionary!  To SEE and HEAR the people I teach thank me for what I am doing, for the change that they can see and feel themselves.  She couldn't stop crying in that lesson, and I am not ashamed to say I was too!  The Spirit was in the room testifying to everything that each of us said.  I am so honored to be apart of her conversion and am so excited for her to enter the waters of baptism the 23rd of this month!  She is also thinking about pushing the date forward!

Salt Lake City Temple, June 2012 -
hope Alex sends a pic of the Seattle Temple soon!
All the missionaries (in our mission) went to the temple this past week.  What an amazing experience!  I went in having a HUGE question on my mind, and came out with it answered.  I am so grateful that there is a temple of the Lord so close to our mission.  The opportunity we had to go to the temple was a great motivator and reminder for me about the covenants I have made with the Lord.  I'm forever grateful to be apart of the Church of Jesus Christ!

We had Hispanic Conference this week!  It was sooooooooooooo amazing!  It covered THREE different missions - Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma.  There were over 600 HISPANICS!  WOAH!  There were so many awesome things that we got to do - go to the temple (AGAIN!) :), firesides, and a talent show!  The talent show was great!  I got most of the acts on video, but I missed 2 of them, boo!  It was so awesome for me to get a feel of each of the different hispanic cultures.  I'm so happy to be speaking Spanish and serving state-side.  I was having a bit of a moment and was thinking about other young men serving in other Spanish speaking countries - they fall in love with that culture and area of people.  But since I am state-side, I fall in love with ALL types of Spanish speakers - Mexicans, Guatemalens, Argentinians, El Salvadorians, Peruvians, the list goes on and on.  I have met so many wonderful people and NEVER would have had this chance to do so if I didn't join the church myself two and a half(ish) years ago!  I can't believe that I'm coming up on year three in the church!  WOAH!
Elder Annand and Sisters
Salt Lake City Temple, June 2012

Love you all, keep being awesome!!!  Have an uplifting week and remember that Jesus Christ is always there - even in the hardest of times.  He KNOWS what we have been through and has felt every pain, affliction, and trial that we will go through in our lives.  He is with us, always...

Elder Alexander J Annand

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