Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 20

Hello, hello!

Another great week!  Didn't get a letter from you today, so I hope everything is okay back at home.

I hope you are enjoying your calling. I heard that you were up on the stand for the primary program! That must have been so fun to be with all of the little kids in the primary.  It's so cute to watch them all sing and what not. The Branch President where I'm serving was debating whether or not to have a primary program because we don't have too many children in the branch, but as of yesterday we are going to have a primary program! Woo! I'm so excited to see them all sing, haha!

I'm running super behind so I haven't been able to write you too much. It's crazy that on my P-day I still have so many things to do! I'm so happy to be out here on my mission though - it's so great! A lot of neat experiences happened this past week that I don't want to include in the email, so you gotta wait until the (what you like to call it) snail mail comes! Mwuahahaha, you have to wait!
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Anyway, I was thinking about sending a big Book of Mormon to dad, and a  few smaller ones to Scotty and the girls with my testimony written in each of them. Do you think that would be a good idea? Maybe that would motivate each of them to read from the Book of Mormon a little bit more. I wish that I worked with dad more before my mission, it's tough. But I know one day we will be a forever family! That's going to be great!

I love you mom and family! And Choma! Can I get a few more pictures of you guys, Choma, and (I suppose) Tucker? Is he adapting to house life good? Does dad it? Hehe - I can only imagine what he says... Oh, I love you guys so much! Keep being such an amazing example to me! It's crazy to think how far (not too far) away we are from each other and you can still be an incredible example to me. Thank you all.

Elder Alexander J Annand

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