Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 21

Hello!   From Millan.Net

So I wasn't able to email home yesterday because it was some holiday. Forgot which one, is that sad? Oh well...

So, some stories you want.. eh? Sure! Well to start off, I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! That's right! I'm leaving Marysville - it's so sad....  EB is a super awesome lady that I got to know very well and am very close with - it was SUPER hard to say goodbye.  She bought me a bunch of stuff, clothes, and even soap! I guess I'm stinky... LOL. But she is GREAT! I have some pictures of her and have been lacking on the picture captions to be honest. If you could, send the SD cards back so I can type up captions during a P-Day sometime. Anyway, so yeah, I'm getting transferred! I can go anywhere from Shoreline to Bellingham so it's nerveracking. I figure out where I'm going in like 2 hours. Scary! I wonder who my new companion is going to be?

"Crunchy like popcorn..."
Anyway, this past Saturday we had a dinner at a member's home.  They put some stuff on the table and asked us to eat it... There were bugs and grasshoppers.

No joke, pictures to prove!

I put some beetles and grasshoppers on a tortilla chip and ate it. To be completely honest, it wasn't half bad. Crunchy like popcorn. I wouldn't mind trying that again. I'm scared to try this soup called "menudo". It's cow intestine and foot in some weird broth. The description is enough for me. I've had cow tongue, head meat, etc. but I am NOT going to try intestine and FOOT! Ugh... gives me shivers!

Anyways, loving you guys from here! It's rainy and gets dark at around 4:30 in the afternoon, how awesome!

Elder Alexander J Annand

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