Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 29

Another great week out here in Lynnwood!  I can't believe how amazing this area is...  Elder Fiala and I met many different people, hispanic or not, and we tried to share at least one truth before asking them if they would be interested to learn more.  Many of them declined, but we did get several new investigators this week!  This week we are going to try and ask if we can sit down with someone and share with them a quick message of the Restoration, we'll see how that goes!

We had two member referrals this week - it was weird because people in their family suddenly became interested in the gospel!  How lucky we are to have that!?!  Both of the referrals are very excited to learn and progress in the gospel, I just hope I can do my part and be an effective missionary!

I've been wondering about a book - whether I am allowed to read it or not.  It is titled "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister.  I've heard several amazing different things about the book, and I'm hoping that President will give me permission to read it.  I'm hoping so because apparently this book has helped a few of the returned missionaries that I've met - they learned a bunch about becoming a more effective missionary, and also about the Atonement.

This past district meeting was super great for me.  I LOVE "How to Begin Teaching".  It is what we use when we first meet someone; it's a few different bullet points that can be found in Preach My Gospel chapter 10.  ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!  It is amazing how it can work every time, if we listen to the spirit and apply it to the needs of the investigator.  Something that someone mentioned during district meeting is to ask "Are you willing to do what it takes to understand and know if these things are true?" ie. church, read, and pray.  I found that to be a very great question to ask potential investigators from now on because as missionaries we are called to baptized those that are prepared for the gospel at this time.  I think that would really narrow down who the prepared investigators are.  With that, I think it would still help us plant seeds for future investigators for other missionaries down the road.
I hope the Skype connection will be better on Mother's Day, too.  We'll see!  And it was so great to see ALL of you!  Even Choma!!  Please be sure to thank them all for me for coming!  I love you all!  Keep being a great example to me, I'll hear from you soon!!

Elder Alexander J Annand

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