Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 74

Hey there family!

This week flew by!  We did a lot of less active work, and our investigators are progressing big time!  We are hoping for two baptisms early next month, and a couple of more towards the end of the year.  Gotta love a white Christmas!  :) 

One of our buddies, RH, had his 30th birthday this past Friday!  R is an awesome guy and has the sweetest spirit anyone would know!  He always greets you with a smile, shaking your hand, and I can't help but give him a big hug every time I see him!  We celebrated his birthday on Wednesday and had a great time.  :)  We also did quite a bit of service!  This past Saturday was the Relief Society and Young Women's Super Saturday, where they all met together and had a fun arts and crafts day.  They made tons of different projects and some of it turned out really neat!

Drinking Smoothies !!
Today is the start of a new transfer!  We will be receiving a text in about an hour to see if I'm staying or going.  I've only been in Oak Harbor for 6 weeks, but I could be going back Spanish speaking, or stay English!  I'm excited to find out...  Transfers are flying by, but I'm making the most out of everything!  This experience is GREAATTT!  Who knew that giving of yourself completely for two years could be the most rewarding opportunity anyone could be given?  I sure didn't!  Everyone always says that because you serve a mission, you will be blessed for the rest of your life.  It wasn't until just a couple of weeks ago where that really clicked with me.  I am trying my best to become a righteous son of God holding His priesthood power.  If I live obediently and follow the Spirit, I will be able to reach my goal.  Well, a lifelong goal.  :)

So I was thinking this morning why so many people think and ponder so much on negative things that happen to them or others, instead of all of the positive instances that you should be proud of.  It seems that whenever someone slips up and falls, they want to give up and hide their face from the world.  Whenever someone makes a mistake, people immediately judge and forget about all of the incredible feats someone could have done in their life.  For example, I always notice people say that Peter was "unfaithful" when he started to sink after walking on water.  True, he did stray his sight from the Savior.  Yes, he was told to not doubt.  But why do so many people forget about the miracle he just performed?  He just walked on water!  He did one of the most incredible acts of faith anyone had ever done in the history of time!  I sure don't have a sufficient amount of faith to go walk on the Pacific.  The same goes for people nowadays.  So many people I meet say they aren't worthy to go to church, or aren't thought to be a success, etc.  Remember, please, especially when we are struggling, that the most loving being we can have a relationship with is our Heavenly Father!  The Atonement is made for us, particularly when we pass through those negative, depressing times.  It helps us get back up on our feet, shake off the past, and be forgiven for anything that we have ever committed.  I love Jesus Christ for that.  He has done so much for us and has made it possible for us to return to live with our Father forever.  How I can't wait to weep at His feet and thank Him for everything He has done for me!

Just got the text for transfers!  I'm staying!  My companion, Elder Thompson, is leaving, so that means I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow...

I love you all so much.  I hope whatever I rambled on about makes sense.  Have a beautiful rest of the week - Arizona must be nice right about now!  Over here, it's really windy and cold - haha.


Elder Alexander J Annand

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