Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 4

So it's P-Day! Already! Time is flying by here at the MTC I can't believe it! When people say time does go by really quick, they aren't kidding! I'm in shock that tomorrow is my one month here! ONE MONTH!!@$!@! Crazyness haha! Halfway through the MTC already! But I am LOVING it! Aside from me dieting to not become a sumo wrestler, I love it! Everything is so awesome here, the spirit, the study time, everything. Not one thing I would really diss on haha:). So my first week or so I gained 10 lbs, but now I am down 12! WORKIN IT! I'll be the first body builder missionary no problem!

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I bought this pen that has 8 different colors in it and is used for marking scriptures. BEST INVESTMENT EVER! I am so happy I bought it because now I have an efficient way to mark my scriptures. It also helps me stay focused and understand what I'm reading, instead of dozing off. Each personal study I switch off reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and English, so far, I am at 2 Nephi 3 (I think?) in both. My goal is to finish them both before I leave, I think I can, I think I can:)!

Anyway, how is the ward doing? I miss every single person! But I know that I am here for the right reason:). Tell them that I love them! I hope that the Gregory's are doing okay! I already said that in a letter but I don't think that you have received it yet. Tell them that I pray for Elder Gregory, I hope everything is okay with the people in Japan and that they will be safe.

Choir is so awesome! I sang tenor this past song. The choir sang "This Is The Christ." One of the most powerful songs that I have ever heard/sang. The song literally testifies of Christ. "This is the Christ, the Holy Son of God, my Savior Lord redeemer of mankind." When the MTC choir sang it, I had chills and felt the spirit from beginning to end. I think I have found myself a new favorite:P.

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Each day here has been so awesome though! Everyday has a certain activity that is super fun and exciting to go to!
Monday: Workshop - My district and I go to a big classroom and in a sense, are given a motivational speech; but I love it! The spirit is so strong and it really motivates me to work harder and harder each day!
Tuesday: TALL - I can't remember what it stands for, but it is a language program that gives us grammar, words, phrases and we try to translate them, etc. SUPER useful and I think has helped me learn the most with Spanish. We also have the Devotional which is like a fireside and the choir gets to sing. Love it!
Wednesday: Lots of class - Haha, 6 hours of class may seem like a lot but it really does go by fast! It's in 3 hour blocks and we spend around an hour teaching, hour learning, and hour studying. You'd be suprised how much 3 hours can help your Spanish daily!
Thursday: P-Day - GET TO EMAIL MY FAMILY:)!!! And just relax and somewhat take the day off haha. In the nights we have what is called TRC (can't remember what it stands for) and we teach members about a certain topic in our mission language, I think tonight I am going to teach about Revelation through the Book of Mormon. Needless to say, excited!
Friday: Lots of class - Yeah, just like Wednesday.
Saturday: SERVICE - WOO HOO! I love service! Our district has been cleaning up one of the buildings that is being renovated for like the past 3 weeks, but it's awesome! I love serving others and it really just brightens my day everytime I serve someone.
Sunday: Church - Kind of self explanitory, but it is the most important and best day of the week:).

I couldn't pin point a favorite day looking over it, they are all so great!

Anyways I love all of you guys, thank you so much for being such a support, thank the ward for their support as well:) I love them too!

Could you send me a few things:
-Crystal Light (Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade, and other good flavors)
-A clip on tie, you may be wondering but it would be so useful for breakfast you have no idea!

Love love love LOVE,
Elder Alex Annand

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