Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week 2

Hey hey hey it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaat Alex!

Well I've been dieting and I have already seen myself slim down! I can't believe I gained that much weight in ONE week! I've been going to the workout gym just about everyday and am lifting weights and doing other sorts of exercises. Gonna be BEAST MODE when I get outta the MTC, instead of FAT MODE! I've been sticking to the fruit and vegies diet and it seems to be working good. Cutting down on that much sugar daily really helps me focus and stay awake.

I am pretty much used to the 16 hour days, we normally go to bed at around 10:30pm, but since last night was the 4th we were able to stay out and watch the fireworks for an extra hour. Probably didn't fall asleep till around midnight, so to say the least: ESTOY MOI CONSADO! But I'll survive, it's P-Day so maybe a nap is calling my name?
OH YEAH! IT'S RAINING! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOO! Love days like these! Some of the Elders and Sisters are just out playing in the rain, but not me! I miss going around with my friends and we would always play in the rain for a few hours whenever a storm would come in haha, good times!

Smiley from

My companion, Elder Fiala, and I are getting along great! He's from Richmond, Virginia and is 6'3" I think. He has the same wacky personality I do so to say the least, we get along well. We sing all the time to destress, and yeah, we motivate others to join in too. We're pretty much awesome. We have a lot of things in common and I'm glad that I can have someone like him as a companion here at the MTC. We are both going to the same mission too! So maybe I'll be his companion someday?
I can't remember if I said this in my last letter or not, but I joined the MTC choir, and man, that was a GREAT decision! This past Tuesday we sang "Look at the World" by John Rutter, it went perfectly! There's about 2500 people here at the MTC a tenth of them are in the choir haha, the sound that we produce is great! If only you guys could be here to listen to us!
I also remembered that one talk by Elder Bednar, it's entitled "Character of Christ." You guys are gonna love it, trust me! It is super inspirational, if I had the chance I would watch it again and again! Another great speech by Elder Bednar is his "Becoming a Missionary" talk. Both of these are talks held at the MTC and are both supah-dupah-amazing! Can't wait for you guys to tell me how you liked them, SO WRITE ME ASAP!!
Also, I don't need any more garments. They have a garment store here and I already purchased them. Anyways I love you guys, I can really feel my Spanish improving too! I know that the gift of tounges is real, I can literally see myself improving SO much each and everyday, and I know for a fact it isn't me, but Heavenly Father. Get back to me soon on Dear Elder.
Also, do you send out the email to others? Because I think you should, so they know how things are going and so on. Thanks:)!
Love with all my english and wittle bit of spanish heart,
Elder Alexander J Annand

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