Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 11

Hola mi familia!

So sorry for the day late email! Yesterday was Labor Day so all of the libraries were closed so we couldn't email at all! I bet you were freaking out haha! Anyway, another awesome week here out in Washington! Marysville is an amazing place and it's pretty cool how diverse the area is... Since I am Spanish speaking, I go over two different stakes. It's pretty neat!  :)

My Spanish is improving quite nicely! One of my investigators "L" says that I am getting better and better every lesson, so it's good to hear that from a NATIVE!  :)

Now to tell you a little bit about my week:
My district leader, Elder Kordsiemon, challenged me to invite at least two people to be baptized, and I accomplished that goal! I invited "M", who is a man in his forty's, his wife is a recent convert, and we have set a goal for him to look forward to - the 26th of September. Another investigator, "L" (the one that say's I am improving with my Spanish), accepted a baptism date for September 29th.  :)  Her husband lives in Japan and she is here visiting her daughter, she leaves early October so hopefully this would be just in time!

I can't believe that it is ALREADY September! Crazy! It has gone by so quick this month! Elder Robles (my trainer) says it only gets faster. :(   I'm sure Brother Robert Gregory can testify to that, haha. I don't want this experience to go by this quick though. Good thing I'm still a noobie out here and don't have a month left or so, but before I know it, it'll be over!  :(  AHHH! Don't want to think about that!  I've been doing a great job with everything though. I'm surprised how much more focused I am when I read and study.

I bought some Vitamin D (refered to as the "sun" vitamin or something like that...) because I guess that is supposed to help you out here in Washington since there isn't too much sun everyday. Surprisingly, I have seen the sun everyday so far on my mission, so I don't know too much about what other people are saying, haha. But starting mid-October, I will rarely see the sun for the next 8 months, so I'm enjoying it while I can!

Smiley from millan.net
There was a huge church BBQ for the Arlington stake the other day. A live band, TONS of people, and even more food! Another thing I noticed out here on my mission is that my appetite has grown so much! I don't know if that's a good thing though... I'm still up 5 pounds, I've been jump roping like crazy when I go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This may be TMI, but do you remember the picture where I'm in the MTC jumping super high in the air? I believe in the caption I said I ripped my pants. Well, since there was a small rip, it kinda ripped more at the BBQ and needless to say... embarrassment for life. Luckily only the kids saw it while I was playing soccer and football with them, but I was wondering what they were laughing at for 10 or so minutes. I'm glad to have a branch that has people that know how to sew - Mission Hole in Pants has been quite the embarrassing ride.

Since I'm now out in the field, I can record more videos - in fact, I have been. I don't know how many I have, but they are there.  :)  I recorded a 19 minute or so video yesterday giving a small tour of my apartment and talking about random stuff, so I hope you like it!  I'll be sending the SD card probably this next P-Day, since I should have the other SD card you sent back to me from home.

Anyways, not too much else to say.  I love you guys, stay strong, because I'm trying to!

Elder Alexander J Annand

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