Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 13

Why, hello there family!

I hope everything is going great! I am LOVING it! I got some AMAZING pictures of the sunset last night; hopefully, I will be able to take sunset pictures one last time before it's cloudy for the next nine months. Elder Robles and I went to a member's house for dinner and they live right along the ocean side. It is SO beautiful. If I were to move to Washington or anywhere else besides Arizona, I would have a house near the coast. It is BEAUTIFUL! The sunset was so amazing!!

(stock photo, fyi... ~June)

I'm glad that you got my SD card and everything:). I haven't gotten your package yet; it might be at the mission office so I'm sure I'll get it soon. I'm curious to what's inside!

This week was amazing though! I am happy to teach investigators in a different language! It is slowly coming along. I have a hard time understanding what people say, but I am able to share my mind with ease. I can conjugate verbs decently, but I am still learning everyday. I don't think there will be a day where I will learn some more Spanish…  It's crazy to think how much Spanish I have learned in less than three months time. WOW! I can't imagine what it will be like by the end of my mission!

Elder Robles and I were tracting and ran into a homeless lady. She used to be a member of the church! She doesn't speak Spanish, but we still talked to her and got to know her a bit. She was baptized when she was in high school (I would say she is in her 50s or so now) and loved the church when she would go as a student. She has been wanting a Book of Mormon and the weird thing is, I put an English Book of Mormon in my backpack that morning just in case. I knew it was the right time to give it to her.  I wrote out my testimony and invited her to church on Sunday...


She was a bit embarrassed because she wasn't in her 'Sunday Dress', but I told her that it's fine. It's not about what you wear; it's about whether or not you are actually at church!  I hope everything works out with her. It was an amazing experience!

I've been writing in my journal everyday! Just thought I should share that! I am excited to reread all of the entries when I'm older and have my own family one day.  :)  How amazing that's going to be!

I love you all so much and thank you for everything that you have done to help me be who I am today!

Elder Alexander J Annand

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