Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 54

Hello family!

Writing a little early today, haha!  We had nothing planned, so Elder Robles and I decided to e-mail a little early.  I don't think I ever mentioned this (I don't know why...), but today I get a NEW mission president!  His name is President Mark Bonham.  He is from Utah, and I think was a lawyer.  I have the opportunity to meet him tomorrow!  He is coming over to the church building where I meet at, and the Marysville zone is going to talk with him for a short period of time (about an hour).  Later in the month, we will have interviews with him, so it will be nice then to get to know him a little more....  Such an exciting moment in my mission!  :-)

(To see other photos of the Gilbert Temple, click this link.
The Gilbert Temple Open House dates haven't been released yet...
they are still landscaping & building an adjacent Meeting House.
The beautiful photo above is courtesy of Clay Howell.  ~June)
This week was great!  As I said in my last email, our P-day was on Wednesday because we went to the Seattle Temple.  It was so beautiful!  How is the Gilbert Temple coming along?  Is it finished?  Are they going to do an open house soon?  You should definitely take the family to check out the temple.  During the open house, you can tour the whole temple, but once it is dedicated, only members of the church may enter. 

Anyway, just a little bit about my week.  I forgot to bring my journal with me - normally what I do is read through the week to tell you about things that happened.  The days become too jumbled together, and it is too difficult for me to tease my brain to try and remember...  Also, I realized that I don't really talk too much about my investigators, so that is going to now change.  Well, Monday was great, it was a little strange not to have my preparation day, but we ended up teaching several people.  The two new investigators we found on Monday seem very upbeat and excited to learn about the gospel.  Their names are A.A. and J.S.   J is visiting his friend from Mexico for a couple of months while he helps him out with some things and works a little bit here.  It is going to be incredible when he is baptized in the short time he has been here!  Later in the week, we ended up teaching J.S.' friend, J.R., and he seemed very open, too!  I thought that he wasn't going to be too interested, but he asked lots of questions, and both of them came to church yesterday and loved the gospel principles and priesthood classes!  We also have an investigator family, R and M, who are progressing super quick in the gospel as well!  M's brother is a semi-recent convert to the church, so it is nice for her to have that instant family support.  They also came to church with their 3 children and loved it as well!  They really love the fellowship that they received the instant they walked in the door.  They told me "'s like these people have known me for years"!  Another investigator family we have, C and A, are doing great.  We have a church tour with them tonight, and afterwards, we are going to have a family home evening at a member's home.  Elder Robles and I are going to go on splits (when we go with someone other than our companion), and I am going to go to a different family home evening to support M and R.  Man, it is so incredible how this work is only moving forward!  There are about 10 other investigators that we have, but my time is running a little short, and I still have a few other people to email.  I'll update about ALL of them soon....

I totally forgot that it was the week of July 4th...  Last year, the missionaries had to go in at 6pm, but because we have a new mission president now, we will see if he says to work or to go inside.

That's good that Scotty is going out camping for a week with Casey and his family.  I can't believe Heather is getting braces!  Woah!  Will you ask Dr. Brooks if he ever worked in Lynnwood, Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, or Granite Falls?  Those are all of the areas that I cover, or have covered, so I'm curious to hear if he has...  Can you also get his address, so I can give him a write? 

I love you all so much!  It is so nice to see the tender mercies of the Lord in my life.  I cannot believe how blessed I am when I look back and count the blessings that I receive daily!  

I hope that each of you has a fantastic week!   :-)


Elder Alexander J Annand

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