Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 56

Dear Family,

WOAH!  Heather with braces!  Crazy!  I bet her mouth is sore - I remember how sore my mouth was, especially after when your braces get tightened!  How long is she going to have them for?

Heather's 1st day with braces!
July 2013
I'm so glad that Tabitha is doing great - along with the family.  Do you happen to have any pictures of Isabella?  I'm sure Uncle Del feels old after seeing his daughter give his second grandchild.  Good thing I got tons of time before that happens!  :D!  Mom, you are always so weird with your jokes, by the way...   

Now, a little about my week:

Well, it was the last week of transfers.  I had a small feeling that I was going to get transferred, because there is only one Spanish Zone leader area and tons of Spanish missionaries who have the potential to be great zone leaders.  But, for some reason, I have been called to stay for at least one more transfer here in Marysville.  WHICH IS GREAT, by the way!!  :)  Elder Robles and I have 8 investigators who will be baptized this next month, so it makes me so happy to be a part of their full investigation process - the first day they met missionaries to the day they are baptized. Super excited for all of them!!!

Though this whole week was amazing, I just want to talk about yesterday.  It was so great!  It started off at 7am teaching mission prep to the young men and women who are preparing themselves to serve.  We taught about the Restoration, and it was one of the most powerful lessons I have been a part of...  The class attendance varies (mainly because it is at 7 in the morning), but we normally teach around 10-15 students.  

Later, during church, Elder Robles and I taught the young women about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We did a fun activity using limes, sugar, and water.  The young women loved it, and I think the lesson really stuck with them.  Seems like they learned a lot...

Alex's Baptism Day    June 2010
Elder Mahelona (L), Alex, Elder Russ (R)
I had to leave Sacrament meeting (the last hour for us Spanish peoples) right after I partook of the Sacrament, because I had to go over to Lake Stevens and give someone a baptism interview - my first!!  It was so spiritual and fun!  Being a part of the interview and seeing the worthiness of the convert really was a touching moment as a missionary.  One, because it is always incredible to see how much someone has changed in the time they have been taught by the missionaries; and two, because it reminds me of my experience!  :)   I remember during my baptism interview, I could hear Elders Russ and Mahelona playing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, in the Chapel.   I can't remember the name of the Elder who interviewed me, but he and I just started laughing!  Ahh, so many good memories!  Anyway, the person I interviewed was baptized just an hour after the interview!  She will make a solid member.

After the baptism, Elder Robles and I dropped off a missionary because his time was up!  He was going home!  It is so crazy to see amazing missionaries going home.  They really become your idols out here, and I try my best to develop attributes that have helped them personally succeed as missionaries.  Never stop learning!

THEN, we had a surprise party for Elder Crowley, O and A.  Each of their birthdays was this past week (except Elder Crowley - his is tomorrow).  It was nice to celebrate birthdays of very good friends.  :)

Anyway, I love you family!  Tell Choma I love him!


Elder Alexander J Annand

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