Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 95

Hey hey yo yo FAMILY!!!!!

This week was pretty good!  I got sick TWICE!  I got a migraine on Monday night, and then Wednesday morning - it was horrible!  It hurt so bad, and I wasn't able to go out and be a missionary!  I never got migraines before my mission so it was super weird to start having them.  My mission president thinks that it could be because of the drastic climate change, diet, or because my grandpa has them as well, but I'm not too sure.  I think I'll go to a doctor and see what may be the cause after my mission.  But hey, I'm feeling great now!

Helping out in Darrington

Yesterday, I went to a city called Darrington for the whole day!  So technically I didn't have a preparation day but President Bonham gave me permission to email for one hour today.  I was in Darrington because they had a mile wide mudslide a couple of weeks ago so I went up with a couple of other missionaries and did service!  It was crazy to see how much damage was done and how much it took a toll on the city.  Normally, it would take about an hour to get to the city but we had to take a huge detour and it took 3 hours going through back roads and what not. 

Providing much needed service in Darrington.
The hike last week was really neat!  It was nice and sunny out and I took quite a bit of pictures.  The place was called Lord's Hill, and it was in Snohomish (about 30 miles from where my companion and I live).  I love being in the nature!  The view at the top was awesome!  

Something I love so much about our Father in Heaven is that He is so willing to talk with us and answer our prayers!  Our Heavenly Father answers us according to our righteous desires, based off of our faith and hope in what is to come.  Also, depending on the circumstance we are in, answers will come in many different ways.  We can receive answers by how we feel, thoughts that come to our mind, or even through a friend saying something.  Sometimes, because our Father loves us so much, He won't answer and will let us freely choose (agency) to see if we will follow Him always.  Promptings are hard to notice, and many times (at least for me) when I receive a prompting it makes me have to put action into something.  For example, I'll be walking down the street and have a small feeling to go up and talk to a person.  Sometimes you may not feel that you are receiving many promptings or that God is being silent, but I promise you that He is listening.  He doesn't desire anything more than for you to follow Him and talk with Him.  He loves us SOOOO much!  I only wish I could comprehend the love He has for me so that I could try and explain it to you.
United in Service!

Sorry that this letter is so wimpy - hope you know that I love you!  I'll do a better job writing next week!


Elder Alexander J. Annand

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