Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 60


Hiking on Mt. Pilchuck

I only have 10 minutes left before I need to head out to proselyte, so this is going to be a quick one!  Elder Robles and I went hiking today with some of our friends from the mission preparation class that we teach, and it was really fun!!   :)  

Friends in Mission Prep Class

We didn't make it to the very top, but it was a great experience nonetheless!  I'll be sending my SD card home soon so that you can upload the pictures onto the blog - my friend Sam really wants to be put on there so you'll have to add one of him!   :)

Sam Jacobsen strummin' along..

Attending church on Sunday is always the greatest spiritual recharge for me.  I love partaking of the Sacrament and thinking about how I can improve, and what I can do to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ.

Say whaaa?

Well, it sounds like the house is falling down!  

{We had a water leak that damaged flooring and trimwork... Thank goodness for insurance!  ~June}  

I really hope everything is okay!  How did the situation with the insurance agent go?  What's going to happen?

Well, this week was great.  Elder Robles and I are very unified, and doing our best to teach as many people as we can.  We have quite a few investigators, but they are struggling to make it to church.  That's going to be the focus for this week!   :)

I love you all so much - so sorry that I haven't been sending emails that are super detailed - been a little bit short on time.  I hope for the best this week!  How's school, by the way?


Elder Alexander J Annand

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