Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 89

Dear my super awesome cool strange loving interesting goofy family!

It has been so cool to FEEL my love for each of you grow as I have been out here serving those around me. One of the most amazing things I have seen on my mission is the growth in other people and the changes they have made to follow Christ. THE most amazing thing I have seen on my mission is the personal change in myself as I have selflessly given my time and energy to help those in need. If I was to look into the future the day of my baptism and see who I would have become (and who I am becoming), I never would have recognized myself. Isn't this gospel the greatest?! It deserves a WOOHOO!

Hello?   Hello?   Helloooooooo!!!!
This week had been awesome! One of my investigators in my last area got baptized this past weekend! Woohoo! I wasn't able to go unfortunately, but I'm going to write her a letter of congratulations today. Her name is J.W. - she is so great! Elder Luebke and I met her with our Bishop as we were getting ready to go home one evening. She was outside in the parking lot just getting ready to go in her apartment for the night when we contacted her and started to get to know her. She is such a great spirit! This work truly is incredible.

Chores chores chores! We have cleaning inspections today so Elder Wittmaak and I had to clean up the apartment a good bit. Is it weird of me to say that I actually enjoy cleaning now? I feel so accomplished whenever I'm finished because the apartment looks super good and I actually feel sane! Eric is getting married next month?! That is awesome!! How is he doing? I'd assume pretty good since he is getting married, it's just I haven't heard much about him for a long while. Tell him I say hello and love him!

Wow, that's crazy that Nanny's dog has diabetes! Does she have to change up her diet and what not now? Or is the shot all that she needs? I'm glad that Papa's eye surgery was successful and that he can see again! I love miracles:) - and Nanny and Papa! I need to write them... Will do it today if I have time!

Those pictures and articles of the Gilbert Temple are AWESOME! I love it! I'm so glad that you got to go to one of the dedicatory sessions! That is SOOOOOO COOOOOOL! Write down what you remember, feelings and thoughts! Those are moments that should never be forgotten and they will bring back the beautiful spirit you felt as you reread your spiritual experiences.
Aah! I love this gospel and church so much! IT IS SO TRUE! 

I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!


Elder Alexander J Annand

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