Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 45

Hi mom and family!

Well, it's weird to be back in Marysville! But it's a good kind of weird... I like being able to be in an area that I am already familiar with. It is also nice to know the members that are in the branch. Though the area and members are the same, it still feels so much different! It might be because it is April almost May, I honestly have no idea. I like it though... I still miss Lynnwood a bit, especially the investigators that I left back there. However, I trust the missionaries over there - I'm sure they are doing a great job!

It has been nice to be able to see people and see how they have progressed in the gospel! We have a few investigators that I didn't teach while I was here, so it is nice to teach new people and watch them progress as well.  I will share a super cool experience that happened just yesterday in my letter home to you guys!

I can't believe that it is Mother's Day in less than two weeks! Crazy! I'm not positive that I'll be able to Skype again. I'll have to talk with Elder Marsden, but I think I might just call home this time. I'll be honest, it was too hard to say goodbye after seeing your faces! I'll e-mail you next week with details.

I sent a package home last P-day and it should have gotten to you guys by now... Let's hope today. I FORGOT to put the SD card in the package! So I wrote out a sticky note with a reminder, and it's on my desk so I'll be sure to slip it in there in my next letter.  I am so happy that I have been doing a decent job taking pictures and videos - it is going to be nice to look back and see all of the memories.

Anyway, love you all so much! Have a good week and hope you all don't roast over in Arizona!  :D


Elder Alexander J Annand

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