Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 76

Hi !!!

Oak Harbor is so beautiful!  It is getting super windy and rained super hard last night!  I had a rough time falling asleep because of the wind being so loud!  It's all good though - right now the sun is shining, and it is an incredible view...  I'd send you a picture, but I actually lost my black cord for my camera (the one that has the USB one end and the camera connector on the other), so I can't send pictures or charge my camera.  I think I forgot it at the library last Monday when I had a chance to email... must have forgot it in the USB slot, and the lost and found doesn't have it.  Bummer :\  

Dec 1, 2013  Walking back to the Apartment
in the Rain - I'm soaked!!!
As you probably guessed when I said the sun was shining and what not - no snow.  It's very chilly and windy out, so we have to bundle up pretty warm!  I have my scarf, gloves, heavy jacket, etc. and I still get cold sometimes!  The islanders here are thinking that it will snow this winter.  We'll have to wait and see!  I'm excited for it if it comes!  Going to make tons of snowballs and they will accidentally fall on my companion.  ;)   That's good to hear that Arizona is getting super nice temperature wise!

Thanksgiving was great!  We went to this place called the Elk's Club where they have a free meal and feed about 6,000 people Thanksgiving Day.  It was great food!  It was also nice to talk with other people that live in Oak Harbor and show them that us missionaries are somewhat normal people.  :)  We also went to a member's home and ate more food there.  There were tons of pies and deliciousness!  Boy, do I miss Nanny's eggrolls!!  So, as of a couple days ago, believe it or not, I have gained 50 lbs on my mission!  Woohoo??

I apologize for not writing a better email this week; we have a busy P-day in front of us!  Love you bunches! (something my mission president says, and I like it.  :D )


Elder Alexander J Annand

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