Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 81

Hello family!

Elder Annand hiking Mt. Erie   January 2014
We had fast and testimony meeting yesterday at church and it went very well!  Everyone who shared their testimony seemed very influenced by the spirit to say what they said.  There was a teenage boy, J, who shared his testimony and invited all of us to be happy and encourage others to do the same.  That really made me think how we all fall every now and again, but if we have that helping hand, it is easier to stand and make others happy.

Last night we had the first island cottage meeting.  Cottage meeting is when recent converts share their conversion stories to those who have also recently joined the church, are less active, or are investigating the church.  It went very well.  :)  All those who spoke shared powerful stories that had the spirit testify of the truthfulness of this gospel...
Mt Erie Views 1
Last week, I had a goal to work on diligence.  I started off by doing the Christ-like attribute activity from Preach My Gospel to know which areas needed work.  After doing the activity, I set more goals to pray and develop a mindset to have clean, focused thoughts, and to be consistent and work hard until the job is completed.  Throughout the week, I feel that Elder Luebke and I had some of the best lessons that I have had in a while, and I really felt the spirit work through me this week.  I'm satisfied.  :)   I am going to continue to work on diligence this week.  I am going to pray for an increased amount so that I can show Heavenly Father that I love Him.  On top of praying, I am going to act in "the office in which [I] am appointed, in all diligence." (D&C 107:99)  Doing my best to ask in faith!  I am also going to work on being a better listener.  I love the promise that Elder Holland gives in Preach My Gospel, that we need never worry what to say next, because our mouths will be filled if we listen with our hearts.  Oh how I love the work of a missionary!  I love how there is always room for improvement.  We are never going to achieve perfection in this life, but as we live as Christ-like as we can, we are able to progress and be a true disciple of Him.  I really appreciate this opportunity I have to serve.  I can never take it for granted!

Mt Erie Views 2

The Mt. Erie trip last Monday was awesome!  It was a bit cloudy, but you could still see some amazing sights.  There is something about being at such a high altitude looking off in the distance that really moves my heart.  I love the beauty of Washington.  I'll attach some pictures that you can view.

Anyway, I have to get going.  I hope everything goes well this week.  You all are in my prayers, and I love you very much.

Elder Alexander J Annand

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